Best BYOB Pool Hall – By Totally Dublin!

“Dublin city centre has long been yearning for a chilled out spot where you can enjoy some casual beers without breaking the bank. Fortunately, The Hideout pool hall has stepped up to the plate. But don’t expect death metal, crooked cues or dodgy geezers trying to hustle you. The Hideout may be a pool hall by name, but with its bright decor and deep house vibe, it is not a traditional pool hall by nature. Alongside experiencing quality tables you can enjoy BYOB from €5 pp. Cues and cans it is then!” Totally Dublin

If you’d like to sample The Hideout’s new vibe tonight you can secure a table by booking online.

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Celeb Visits The Hideout Pool Hall in Dublin

“In the game of pool you either win or you die”

Got it now? Last night, The Hideout was honoured to welcome Aidan Gillen, the wonderful Dublin actor that plays Lord Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones! Aidan enjoyed the American pool, and even took advantage of our BYOB deal by bringing in some bottles from the South William Street Bar!

Aidan had come to The Hideout years ago, when it was, according to him, dark and dingy, but and was impressed with the renovations, stating that it “certainly beats a Tuesday night at the pub.” Living up to his character of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, he also made some enquiries into our business model, noting that BYOB is a good call for a pool place without a licence!

For those willing to follow in the path of a true Irish hero, Aidan enjoyed Table 8!

Yours in pool,


The Hideout pool hall, Dublin

PS. Crappy photo of me looking embarrassed with Aidan to come!

Trinity College Dublin at The Hideout Pool Hall

Masters in Business students from Trinity College Dublin headed down to The Hideout for cans and pool to celebrate the end of their exams. We’re currently offering free BYOB for students, and the group took full advantage, enjoying some melodic deep house and hours of competitive pool, and substantial quantities of beer! Take a look at the video below.

Long live the BYOB pool hall,


PS. Any ideas you’ve got to help make The Hideout the best pool hall in Dublin, please comment below. Thanks guys!

Why BYOB At The Hideout Pool Hall?

Recently, we introduced BYOB to The Hideout pool hall, here in Dublin, in this post I will try and explain why and convince you all its the way forward…

We all love our city, but one of the lesser liked facets of  Dublin is that is boasts one of the priciest pints in the whole world. Yep, a fairly conservative government and profiteering retailers have sent the price of a pint skyrocketing over the last few years. So until Wetherspoon’s  arrives in town what can we do about it? Well, initially we had a few doubts about going BYOB; we thought about the cans and more specifically the consumption of warm beer, a fate worse than no beer at all!

Even so, we weren’t going to get a licence any-time soon,  so how could we improve on it? Well we’ve now got in a load of fridges in, so there’s no issue with the cold beer any-more at least, we’ve not put on draconian limits that make you feel like an untrustworthy teenager, and we’ve not stuck on an extortionate price for the pleasure of drinking your own alcohol!

Our BYOB is €5 per person. Pool and beer is the dream, and officially back in Dublin. Come and give it a go :) You can book a table and enjoy BYOB any day past 6pm or all day on the weekends. Enjoy.

Yours in sport,


Thanks For Your Pool Hall Check Ins at The Hideout

Hi all,

3 weeks ago we decided to try and boost our social media presence by offering a free game of pool for a Facebook check in. Thanks to all of you who participated, we’ve just got our 100th check in! We want to be the best place in Dublin for you to relax and have a few beers – that’s why we’ve invested in our pool hall, and are willing to give you a discount for helping us spread the word.

Here’s a little screenshot of how the check-in deal has positively impacted our facebook page…


Thanks again in your support for our quest to become Dublin’s best pool hall, look forward to hearing from you,


Photos of The Hideout – After “Hair and Make Up!”

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Recently, we decided to give our epic old pool hall a bit of what our interior designer calls “hair and make up.” In reality, we got a bit carried away and ended up with a complete makeover. Gone is the glass box that had the tendency to hide away our staff replaced by a nice welcoming bar for you all! Gone are the overly dark walls. Gone are the old school green baizes .

We present to you The Hideout 2.0! Along with our American pool tables, we’ve got a fresh new colour scheme, sliver clothed tables, and a welcoming new bar. We want to be the first great pool hall you’ve ever been to. And more importantly a great place to chill, have a few beers with friends and have fun. We hope you’re as excited as we are! Would love to know your views…



American Pool Tables Ready to Play On at The Hideout Pool Hall

US PoolWe’re very excited to have had a sneaky game on our new American pool tables here at The Hideout! The felt is new, the run is perfect, and the pockets are big and deep. In my humble opinion its a great first step to being the best pool hall in Dublin! BYOB came in last week, American pool tables this, and our interior designer should have finished her renovation by the end of March! It has been a lot of work, but progress is being made…

Yours in sport,


American v British Pool

Here at The Hideout, we have always been a champion of British pool. There’s just something about the green baize, the small pockets and the intricate challenge of negotiating a small table rammed with red and yellow balls. But from next week onwards, we are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity of also playing on 3 8×5 American pool tables. We’ve listened to some of you guys who prefer the American tables and are happy to now offer you this faster paced version of the game.

As well as playing 8 ball on bigger tables, with bigger pockets, those of you who back yourselves as great players can now take on 9 ball at The Hideout! The goal of 9 ball pool is to pot the balls 1-9 in order. Its harsh. You can pot the previous 8 balls, but if your opponent pots the black then you also lose!

Since the Mosconi Cup has begun to be aired on Sky Sports, this version of the game has been more and more popular across the pond, and we believe it will really take off here in Ireland!

Our aim is to be the best pool hall in Dublin. We have the city centre location, have got top quality British pool tables, and now have American pool tables too. I very much hope that you enjoy playing on them!

Yours in sport,

Ed Stoner

Bringing Beer Back to The Dublin Pool Scene

The bad news is that sadly we don’t have an alcohol licence. The good news it not to worry, as as of this week, we are introducing Bring Your Own! We’ve asked for your feedback, and many of you agree with me that pool without beer is just not the same. So we’ve listened, and we’re going BYOB! We know the idea of a BYOB bar sounds crazy but hear me out…

Plastic cups (classy?!), in the form of pint, wine, and mixer glasses will be provided…

Each pool table will have a fridge for players to store their beverages…

The cost will be €5 per person, making us the cheapest and the best pool hall in Dublin city centre!

We’d love to hear your views, so do get in touch with us on facebook or twitter.

Yours in sport,

Ed Stoner

PS. You can book your table now, for that chilled session of beer and pool here.