American v British Pool

Here at The Hideout, we have always been a champion of British pool. There’s just something about the green baize, the small pockets and the intricate challenge of negotiating a small table rammed with red and yellow balls. But from next week onwards, we are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity of also playing on 3 8×5 American pool tables. We’ve listened to some of you guys who prefer the American tables and are happy to now offer you this faster paced version of the game.

As well as playing 8 ball on bigger tables, with bigger pockets, those of you who back yourselves as great players can now take on 9 ball at The Hideout! The goal of 9 ball pool is to pot the balls 1-9 in order. Its harsh. You can pot the previous 8 balls, but if your opponent pots the black then you also lose!

Since the Mosconi Cup has begun to be aired on Sky Sports, this version of the game has been more and more popular across the pond, and we believe it will really take off here in Ireland!

Our aim is to be the best pool hall in Dublin. We have the city centre location, have got top quality British pool tables, and now have American pool tables too. I very much hope that you enjoy playing on them!

Yours in sport,

Ed Stoner

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