Trinity College Dublin at The Hideout Pool Hall

Masters in Business students from Trinity College Dublin headed down to The Hideout for cans and pool to celebrate the end of their exams. We’re currently offering free BYOB for students, and the group took full advantage, enjoying some melodic deep house and hours of competitive pool, and substantial quantities of beer! Take a look at the video below.

Long live the BYOB pool hall,


PS. Any ideas you’ve got to help make The Hideout the best pool hall in Dublin, please comment below. Thanks guys!

Why BYOB At The Hideout Pool Hall?

Recently, we introduced BYOB to The Hideout pool hall, here in Dublin, in this post I will try and explain why and convince you all its the way forward…

We all love our city, but one of the lesser liked facets of  Dublin is that is boasts one of the priciest pints in the whole world. Yep, a fairly conservative government and profiteering retailers have sent the price of a pint skyrocketing over the last few years. So until Wetherspoon’s  arrives in town what can we do about it? Well, initially we had a few doubts about going BYOB; we thought about the cans and more specifically the consumption of warm beer, a fate worse than no beer at all!

Even so, we weren’t going to get a licence any-time soon,  so how could we improve on it? Well we’ve now got in a load of fridges in, so there’s no issue with the cold beer any-more at least, we’ve not put on draconian limits that make you feel like an untrustworthy teenager, and we’ve not stuck on an extortionate price for the pleasure of drinking your own alcohol!

Our BYOB is €5 per person. Pool and beer is the dream, and officially back in Dublin. Come and give it a go :) You can book a table and enjoy BYOB any day past 6pm or all day on the weekends. Enjoy.

Yours in sport,