Bringing Beer Back to The Dublin Pool Scene

The bad news is that sadly we don’t have an alcohol licence. The good news it not to worry, as as of this week, we are introducing Bring Your Own! We’ve asked for your feedback, and many of you agree with me that pool without beer is just not the same. So we’ve listened, and we’re going BYOB! We know the idea of a BYOB bar sounds crazy but hear me out…

Plastic cups (classy?!), in the form of pint, wine, and mixer glasses will be provided…

Each pool table will have a fridge for players to store their beverages…

The cost will be €5 per person, making us the cheapest and the best pool hall in Dublin city centre!

We’d love to hear your views, so do get in touch with us on facebook or twitter.

Yours in sport,

Ed Stoner

PS. You can book your table now, for that chilled session of beer and pool here.

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